Garantía de calidad

Asegurando el total cumplimiento de la normativa aplicable para cada producto.

Trabajamos por y para el paciente

Propuesta adaptada a cada profesional sanitario.

Comprometidos con la sostenibilidad

Trabajamos por reducir el impacto ambiental, tanto en nuestras acciones como en nuestros productos. 


Iberian Care is a Spanish supplier of products and solutions for the healthcare field nationwide. We adapt to the demands of professionals, offering them the best alternatives to meet the healthcare workers needs and improve the quality of the patients stay.

Our non-negotiable commitments are quality and dedication, when it comes to meeting the expectations of all healthcare professionals. Therefore, we have ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

We are pleased to have been awarded with these certifications and it encourages us to seek a continuous improvement in order to maintain our excellent level of quality without forgetting, as always, our commitment to the environment and to the health and safety of our employees.

A great team of professionals at the service of the patient

Our commitment to offer the best service means that every day more and more professionals rely on us to meet the healthcare workers needs and improve the quality of the patients stay. We are in centres around Spain offering the best options with premium materials and products that comply the standards in force.

Contamos con las certificaciones ISO 13485,  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e ISO 45001

Envío de muestra gratuita previa al pedido si así se requiere

Exhaustiva verificación de calidad del producto

Disponibilidad 7 días a la semana para adaptarnos a las necesidades del cliente

Una amplia red de centros de toda España, tantos públicos como privados, cuenta con nuestros servicios

Todos nuestros productos cumplen con la regulación vigente

Nuestros clientes reciben el pedido en el tiempo y forma acordados

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